Berk Ilgar Ozalp a.k.a BIO

Noise Maker | Artisan | Menemen Lover

I am Berk, a freelance digital solutions provider and noise maker currently located in Turkey. This place is a playground of mine since I was jealous of other people having sites of their own, heck I want that as well. I love working with clients who are looking to bring new aspects into their businesses. The main topic my pen is no topic, anything goes, some Turkish some English. Check out the icon, it is Darth Vader!

Soundcloud player looks bad on mobile, head to SC app if you have it.

Monitor Control | A Lightweight Mac App which lets you adjust brightness of external displays as if it was an Apple monitor.
ColorSlurp | A lightweight HEX color picker which makes slurp sound when color is picked.
Lightshot Screenshot | An eternally here screenshot tool available on almost every desktop OS.
Handbrake | Awesome open-source softwere where you can easily transcode video files.
xACT | Transcoding, audio this time. It lets you seamlessly change format and quality of audio files.
IINA | QuickTime and VLC alternative for watching almost any format and codec.
ImageOptim | Piece of softwere which optimizes images for web/app use, making it smaller in size.
Loopback | Voicemeeter kind of app for Mac to route your softwere's sound internally. The layout is way different tho.
Magnet | Windows style drag and drop window manager for those hating the chaos in Mac screens. It is 2023 Apple, include it in your softwere.
Noir | Dark mode for Safari. Everything should be paid in MacOS right?
Honey | Coupon checker and applier for e-commerce websites. It gives me discounts I did not even heard of from time to time.
ProtonVPN | Bunun ne için olduğunu biliyonuz.
Screaming Frog SEO | SEO crawler and analyser for common errors and advancements for better sites.
Hostinger | Cheap hosting provider awesome for just mails or small scale projects.
ManageWP | Dashboard service which lets you control all your connected WordPress websites from the same place.
Sequel | iOS App letting you follow up on your TV series and movies. I do not like using smartphones, it is the only thing worth mentioning.